It will go down in history, and not just because of my 50th Birthday!

We are experiencing a new phenomenon, a pandemic, and the whole world has changed as we know it.

How are you coping? 

I have lost ALL my teaching and this week also lost my admin job I do at home, well not lost, but we have been ‘furloughed’ a word not even in my vocabulary just two weeks ago. I have managed to score a mortgage holiday so I am able to survive thankfully. There are many many way worse off than me.

So, how am I coping? Well in all honesty, and it’s just a week in for me as I had work last week, I’m doing just fine. I feel like last year was training for how to live alone and barely ever see anyone. Before Covid I struggled and felt a bit guilty that my normal social self had withdrawn from society, only wanting to be with close friends and family, and even then small doses was enough. So, thanks peri-menopause, you finally came in useful for something! 

I do, of course, have plenty of time….which is an absolute luxury, especially as I am still getting paid during my furlough from the pain clinic. I’m spending more time getting back to a personal yoga and meditation practice (more on this in yoga post) and I am making a promise to myself to write a bit more on the blog, which when I was travelling was one of my favourite things to do, but then I got too busy or just too tired (more on this in the menopause post) 

Other than the global pandemic – I turned 50! I went to Mexico! I literally was living my best life until March 19th when I came back to the UK. 

So, I’ll sign off this short post with some photographs of my holiday and will be back soon with my musings on yoga and the peri menopause…..

Love and light,

Claire x

2 thoughts on “2020”

  1. Hey there,

    Glad to hear you are Ok and managed to squeeze in a great adventure pre lockdown.

    Stay healthy and hope to overlap with you on your 50th adventure part 2 later in the year. My 50th also………..so really hoping this virus is gone in the next few months so I can plan my Part 1.

    Drop us a line when you have some time. In the interim lets use this time to further our self practice.



  2. Hiya Claire hope you are ok &Maia. You will be able to get out for your walk with her every day to look forward too. Loved your holiday photos all looked amazing you was so lucky you was able to go &return ok . We were lucky to get to Cheltenham for the two days race week really enjoyed seeing everyone &had time with mum was great she made it over bless her ! Great seeing girls growing up fast & brilliant been able to met sarah in her lunch break&had lunch& spoiled having my nails painted, mum had her done the following day too so a treat for us both. We enjoyed Friday &met friends&meal out really enjoyed it before been isolating. Take care stay safe Luv Angela XX

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