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On my yoga journey I have travelled from the UK to India and Thailand, and Eastern Europe, practicing and teaching yoga and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Embarking on this adventure of travel, yoga practice and teaching I started this blog, originally for friends and family to keep up with my travels.I try to invoke positive thoughts and hopefully inspire any readers I may have to make positive changes in their lives through yoga and nutrition.

As a professional dancer I worked in various countries such as Greece, Portugal and Japan. After a successful career in commercial dance I met a like-minded soul and we travelled across the globe from South America to New Zealand. Making New Zealand our home for just over a year we travelled back home to the UK via South East Asia and India. After two and a half years of travel we settled down to try and plant some roots and a home in the UK. I got a ‘real’ job and worked in further education for 9 years. Sharing my knowledge and passion for dance and musical theatre I started off as a part time Lecturer in Dance and ended up being the Curriculum Leader for the Performing Arts Department.  My teaching life was very rewarding, sharing my love of dance and the theatre with the talented young students was, for a long time, very fulfilling.

However, outside of my work, my love of yoga started to develop into a more serious practice and I decided to start another chapter in my life, a ‘journey to the self’. To use this quote from the Bhagavad Gita, I found a deeper understanding of myself with yoga, an antidote to the competitive world of Performing Arts, I found that yoga helped me balance my life and made me feel physically and mentally fit. I realised that I wanted to be able to use my skills as a dance teacher to be able to teach yoga and not just practice it, so I embarked on a 200 hour teacher training course, which literally changed my life.

After qualifying as a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher I enthusiastically began to teach my upbeat dynamic style vinyasa classes in my home town of Cheltenham, UK. Then, inspired by two of my oldest friends who have been teaching yoga for many years, I decided that I would like to deepen my practice and understanding of Ashtanga Yoga, and I set off on the start of my travelling yogi story to the source of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

When you embark on the yoga path as a  lifestyle, and not just going to asana class for the physical practice, you quickly become involved in caring about not just your physical body but your mental and spiritual one too. Eating healthy and respecting what you put into your body. I have always had an interest in health foods and after years of un-healthy ‘yo-yo’ dieting I began to realise that food plays such an important part in your physical and mental health. I have had a primarily vegetarian, plant-based diet, although practicing the ‘everything in moderation’ philosophy I do still eat some meat and dairy products. Nowadays this is labelled as a ‘flexitarian’.

I am further interested in how we can heal the body with certain diets, and indeed how we can prevent chronic illnesses from occurring if we are mindful of the food and drink we put into our body. I’m not trying to preach that everyone must eat like this, but as we are learning more each day about foods that heal I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to take the best care of our bodies that we can.

I started the blog in July 2016 to share my love of all things yoga, a healthy body and mind and travel. I hope you can find some inspirational posts on all these subjects here on my blog. If you have an interest in yoga, taking care of your body and mind please follow and subscribe.

*I am currently (2020) teaching in Gloucestershire, UK and hosting retreats in UK and Europe
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