Being Present (in this time of presents)

So at the start of December I posted a Instagram about how I thought that Christmas is the month of greed and gluttony…harsh words maybe, the ‘Grinch’ in me coming out, however I do find this season all a bit over the top, and quite frankly sometimes revolting.

I think we have lost touch with the essence of the season, a time for giving and sharing goodwill amongst all men. Instead, like Halloween before it, we have fallen under the trap of over consumerism and retail excess.

So, it would be great if you could take a minute before you buy another present, to think about what the giving of presents represents to you. How about you BECOME more present? How about we get back to the tradition of spending time with loved ones not just for Christmas but ALL YEAR round? How about you think about the impact all that packaging of those unnessecary presents will make on the environment? Give some of the food you will all over eat on Christmas Day to a food bank? Just a few suggestions for you to think about….

During a meditation and yoga practice you become more aware of how contentment and peace are found WITHIN you and not via external gifts, so do you really NEED more than one gift? Do you even need one? This year, I’m hoping that my present is that my whole family (and friends) are healthy and mentally happy – for a very long time. No virtual present required.
I’ll take time to BE PRESENT for all of them should they need me.

Isn’t it time we all reassessed our approach to this time of year and quit with the conspicuous consumption and revelry?
Don’t even get me started on the greed and gluttony point…eating your own body weight in mince pies is not cool people! I shall be over indulging in a delicious booze filled weekend with friends this weekend, not because it’s Christmas, but because I love hanging out with friends who are like family. Because, after all my wonderful travels I felt like it was time to BE PRESENT here with them and my family for a while.

I challenge you all to take some time on December 25th to stop and be grateful for everything you already have in your life. Spend a few moments just to become aware of the present moment. Observe the breath, the inhale and exhale and just BE PRESENT.