I was in a luscious yin class* on Sunday – zoning into the ebb and flow of my breath and […]
Boom! it’s a biggie, after a 5 month hiatus I thought a blog post was long overdue, and what better […]
January, the month of setting intentions….it’s boom time for the fitness industry,as everyone starts their year with the very best […]
So at the start of December I posted a Instagram about how I thought that Christmas is the month of […]
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Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Feel rushed all the time? Trying to juggle job, fitness, […]
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It’s quite possibly my favourite subject after yoga! I have always loved food, even in the days when I believed […]
back on the mat - a leave of absense
Dear wordpress…I have a confession….it’s been 75 days since my last post…. Wow, how did that happen? I haven’t sat […]
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“You should not be practicing to have a ‘good’ practice, but instead to keep steadiness within yourself. Practice happily regardless […]
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Yep, last and by no means least of the Yama’s (First Limb of Yoga) is Aparigraha, or non-attachment. The art […]
Brahmacharya, eight limbs, yamas, niyamas, ashtanga, yoga
Brahmacarya is often described as celibacy – that by being celibate the practitioner is saving their prana (energy) or ‘virya’ […]