setting intentions, mindfulness, yoga, resolutions, targets, acheivement
Ever been in a yoga class and the teacher asks you to ‘use this time to set an intention’ for […]
Turmeric, that stuff that makes rice and curries, fingers and dish cloths yellow. If you didn’t already know this is […]
no processed food challenge
Readers! How’s 2017 working out for you? And more importantly have you all joined me on the #noprochallenge and started to […]
no to processed foods challenge 2017 eat clean, eat and buy local produce
Join me on the #noprochallenge – What the hell is the #noprochallenge I hear you ask? A challenge to cut […]
private sessions cover, claireyogagogo private yoga lessons one to one sessions yoga ashtanga new year deal new year new you
Hi All, New year is upon us, a time where we take stock and normally make plans to improve our […]
Goodwill and Altruism at Christmas and beyond
I’m not one for Wish Lists at Christmas – a year of living out of a suitcase has taught me […]
eat right, clean eating, plant based, diet, health, wellness
Eat right, to feel bright. Yeah I just came up with that tagline….probably why I don’t have a high-flying career […]
Yoga, Ashtanga, Yoga, Healthy Mind, Body and Lifestyle
Why should I do Yoga? you may ask yourself. What’s in it for me? I try not to go on […]
Mysore, India, photo essay
India. The crazy, dusty, dirty, manic country of smiles, smells and vivid colours. Even in the most deprived of areas […]
Mysore Magic? An guide to Ashtanga Yoga Practice in Mysore, India
So I have just returned from my second visit to Mysore, to study Ashtanga at the birthplace, the K. Pattabi […]