Flashback to the start of this yogi’s adventure, at the end of February this year I flew into Bangalore and […]
I’m using the word diet here in its noun form, as the Oxford Dictionary describes it ‘The kinds of food […]
So, if you have read some of my previous posts you will know that I am currently attempting to be […]
So the first stop of the ‘claireyogagogo yogi express’ led me to Mysore. After talking with my most trusted and […]
So the point of starting the blog was to be able to write about my time as a travelling yogi, […]
In a recent interview with LA Yoga magazine Sharath Jois commented: ‘Nowadays, it [YOGA]has become more physical, like how to […]
Or Man, it’s not gender specific. But I recently posted this quote on my Instagram account and changed the gender – […]
Since I was young I have never settled in one place for too long, my parents moved about quite a […]
The title is a quote from Walt Whitman. I have so many friends who told me that when I was […]
I have been pondering on this question for some time now. I think that the answer is that it is […]