So at the start of December I posted a Instagram about how I thought that Christmas is the month of […]
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Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Feel rushed all the time? Trying to juggle job, fitness, […]
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It’s quite possibly my favourite subject after yoga! I have always loved food, even in the days when I believed […]
So I got this comment on my blog after my last post ‘Asteya’ and it really upset me – one […]
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Hi All, New year is upon us, a time where we take stock and normally make plans to improve our […]
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Why should I do Yoga? you may ask yourself. What’s in it for me? I try not to go on […]
Before the Flood, Climate Change
As part of the blog I want to focus on you, the reader, getting a healthy mind and body, and […]
Title courtesy of the original quote by Theodore Roosevelt¬† Oh yeah. This one’s an obvious one, but one so many […]
Ok, not save your life, I felt like being dramatic, but help to get things in order or help with […]
Ok, I’ll stop harping on about Canggu after this (did you book your flight yet?) but eating for me in […]