Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Title courtesy of the original quote by Theodore Roosevelt 

Oh yeah. This one’s an obvious one, but one so many people struggle with.

Constant comparison with each other’s looks, success, finance and seemingly ‘perfect’ existences will bring nothing but sadness. Robbing you of the joy you could have if you simply just become happy with what you are, and have, right now, right this minute, in this present moment…can I make that any clearer? Comparing yourself to others will inevitably only bring disappointment.

Everyone has their idea of what their life should be like…how you deem your own ‘successfulness’ or ‘happiness’, But when was the last time you stopped and thought, rather than trying to have it all, you just feel grateful for what you have – right now. Go on, do it, I dare you, right now, what are you happy with?

ME: warm air around me, a full belly of fresh fruits, chilled music in the background, my laptop is working, my creative mind is helping me type these words, I feel loved, even though half the people who love me are miles away and not even awake yet.


fooling around on a swing - or being thankful for that moment right there!

yippee! I am grateful for this swing to act a fool on!


It’s quite easy to do the opposite and think negative thoughts and make negative comparisons, especially in this modern society where we are constantly bombarded with images of seemingly perfect people, lives, bodies etc. But doing this is a one way path to unhappiness.

Now, I’m certainly not advocating that we all just sit back and give up on improving ourselves, being as healthy in body and mind as we possibly can be is something that we can, and should, be doing.  But comparing that development to others is where the danger lies.

Bringing the focus more into you own feelings of self-worth, what makes you feel good about yourself? It’s a tough one sometimes when some of us can’t think of even one thing. Please do try to think of at LEAST one thing, per day, even the simplest of things, like today I could eat, practice yoga, laugh with friends, or whatever YOU are grateful for.

Comparing ourselves and competing with each other is, as the quote says, stealing the happiness from ourselves…when you think about it like that, it sounds crazy right?

For those of you reading this who are still dubious, or think there is no way you can do this, head over to this article, where two science boffs discuss how comparison is inevitable, and how to use it to your advantage.

http://The Science of Us


Sometimes the sunset is all we need to feel grateful for being alive. Alone or with friends it’s one of the greatest sights on earth.

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