Eat right, feel bright?

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Eat right, to feel bright. Yeah I just came up with that tagline….probably why I don’t have a high-flying career in marketing!

Eat clean, detox, cleanse, paleo, gut health, probiotic, fermented foods – get ready for the onslaught of people telling you how to lose weight in January! I myself am leading a detox and cleanse workshop (details on my facebook page). With the start of a new year everybody looks to how to improve their life, mostly, sadly, led by the media and our ever evolving obsession with perfection.


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People, there is no quick fix!!!! Diet means ‘habitual nourishment’ it’s something you need to do for the rest of your life! I just want to talk to you about what I have learnt over the years of trial and error, yo-yo dieting and more recently, working on a yoga and detox retreat, about healthy living and permanent dietary changes. It is, after all, what I hope this blog to be resource for. Over the next few months I will be sharing what I believe to be healthy eating habits to improve your body and mind.

Eating right – FOR YOU AND YOUR BODY, will make you feel ‘bright’ and by that I mean healthy, full of energy and vitality, and as a consequence of this, help you feel good about yourself, because, let’s face it, it all starts with the mind.



I cannot tell you enough (and I will not stop telling you) how eating a plant-based diet will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!! Also, plant-based does mean BASED, not solely vegan or vegetarian but bringing more vegetables, grains, legumes and plant-based proteins into your diet.  It’s about caring about what you put into your body, and respecting yourself.

If the idea of no meat (where will I get my protein from?!!!!) scares you, try to maybe cut down on your consumption and move towards 1 or 2 meat free meals a day. Even this small change will help you feel better.



There are a glut of amazing blogs and websites out there that can advise you and provide you with some wonderful recipes, I will add a few of my favourite resources at the end of this post.

I’m a big fan of documentaries, and would recommend you watch this great one to give you some factual, scientific based research on how this kind of diet can (sometimes) save your life. (You can view the whole movie on Netflix)

To close, I hope reading this post has encouraged you to think about your diet, and how you can make small changes to help improve your health and mind-set. Now, I’m off to bottle my freshly brewed kombucha…….


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