Enumeration – or how writing a list can save your life

Ok, not save your life, I felt like being dramatic, but help to get things in order or help with setting some good intentions, which in a round about way may help you when you need it. Charles Green Shaw an American abstract artist said: “Real happiness consists in not what we actually accomplish, but what we think we accomplish.”  Therefore, by making a list of intentions or ‘rules’ to live by, or set yourself, it can help you work towards accomplishing your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Use the lists when you need a bit of clarity in your life. Create them with friends and family, or even your work mates!

I’m a big fan of lists, from the mundane ‘things to do today’ to setting myself targets and goals so I fully advocate this kind of activity! In fact, writing this list promoted me to share with you today.


my list of things to do and think this month


Not a fan of pen and paper? No problem, use one of your many electronic devices.


create a list to make you feel happy and focused


Not a fan of the writing things down? No drama, create a Pinterest board, or go old school and cut pictures out of magazines. Use an online collage app. Get creative, paint or draw one…you get the idea.

Haven’t got the time? (Liar) then just set yourself ONE thing, the thing that you would write first if you had time to write a full list, and use that. Read and act upon it.

Stick it somewhere you will see it daily (like the fridge door or above your kettle) and just let the happiness flood in!


thinking about writing my list whilst watching sunset!

Thinking about writing my list whilst watching sunset…..ok, not really just love this picture and thought I’d add it into this post!