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Quietening the Ego…..all is coming

To truly appreciate a yoga practice it is important to quiet the ego, and this is no mean feat. You need to be able to do this to progress and get the most out of your practice.     Firstly, let’s have a look at this word EGO and what it truly means. Most people […]

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Up in the Mountains – Akasha Wellness Retreat

So I’m here in the mountains and living and working at the  wonderful Akasha Wellness Retreat, in the heart of Transylvania, deep in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. It is a stunning venue for a ‘first of it’s kind’ yoga and mediation retreat in Romania. I’m into my third retreat, this week a ‘Sacred Feminine Yoga […]

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The Mountains are calling…..and I must go

*John Muir     This quote was on the label of my new duffel bag, and I found this very apt for my last few days in the UK before I head off for a new adventure in the mountains… Do I have wanderlust forever now? Will I always be a nomad? After two and […]

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Yoga Selfies – yay or nay?

I was reading earlier on another blog how the author had started a little movement called #realpeopleofashtanga – it was post about how social media can make yoga (she writes specifically about Ashtanga Yoga) seem like it’s just for very slim, very tall, and VERY flexible people. In other words, fitness models. Which is makes me […]

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Setting Intentions

Ever been in a yoga class and the teacher asks you to ‘use this time to set an intention’ for the class? I’m not a big fan of it as I think it puts people on the spot ‘oh shit, what can I set? stretching my forward folds a bit further, trying balance without wobble, […]

Terrific Turmeric – not just for dyeing everything yellow

Turmeric, that stuff that makes rice and curries, fingers and dish cloths yellow. If you didn’t already know this is one of nature’s best natural anti-inflammatory ‘drugs’ or, herbs that heal.     Turmeric can help fight diseases, from arthritis to cancer, yep it’s pretty damn amazing stuff. Some of the benefits include: Anti-inflammatory (so […]

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#noprochallenge check in…yep, more pictures of vegetables

Readers! How’s 2017 working out for you? And more importantly have you all joined me on the #noprochallenge and started to cut out the processed and pre-prepared foods from your diets? This time of the year can be a mixed bag of emotions, on one hand you’re all ‘Yay the new me’ motivated and on the […]

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The No Pro Challenge – #noprochallenge

Join me on the #noprochallenge – What the hell is the #noprochallenge I hear you ask? A challenge to cut processed food from your diet. To eat more fresh foods and food you have prepared yourself. Yep, to avoid all those hidden sugars and other nasty additives how about cutting out everything processed from your […]

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Private Yoga Lessons – Special New Year Offer

Hi All, New year is upon us, a time where we take stock and normally make plans to improve our health and happiness, I am offering a special New Year’s deal to entice you into taking care of your body and mind with yoga. Want to start yoga but intimidated by the thought of group […]

Goodwill and Altruism at Christmas and beyond

Goodwill to all men this Christmas – some thoughts on altruism this Christmas

I’m not one for Wish Lists at Christmas – a year of living out of a suitcase has taught me that core Ashtanga value (yama) of non attachment (Aparigraha), and that we really don’t need ALL THE STUFF to make us feel happy and fulfilled. So this brings me on to what I will be […]