Private Yoga Lessons – Special New Year Offer

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Hi All,

New year is upon us, a time where we take stock and normally make plans to improve our health and happiness, I am offering a special New Year’s deal to entice you into taking care of your body and mind with yoga.

Want to start yoga but intimidated by the thought of group classes?

Interested in deepening your existing yoga practice?
Have group classes you want to attend but the timing doesn’t fit with your hectic work schedule? 
Have an injury that makes you feel vulnerable in group class?
Private (one-to-one) classes may be for you!

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The special rate of  £99 for 3 sessions including a free healthy eating check up.

(Private sessions are normally £40 per hour)

So why should you choose private sessions? Well, with a one to one session you will have a tailor-made personal programme where we focus on the areas that YOU would like to work on. With my undivided attention you can benefit from constant alignment checking at corrections or adjustments and will get so much more from it than a group environment.

The session will be tailored to suit your needs, strength, flexibility, working with injuries, using yoga as a moving meditation to calm your stressful life, whatever you feel you need.

Another option available is to share your session with another, or small group (prices vary according to the size of the group). This is a great option for those who may lack the confidence or are unable to attend a group class, but will be comfortable in the presence of those they know well.



In addition to the class, as part of the New Year offer I will help you also on the path to a healthy nutritious diet. I worked on the detox programmes at the Yoga Retreat in Thailand and also follow a plant-based diet myself and I am keen to share some hints and tips with you on how to improve your diet.



Please use the form or email/facebook direct message to find out more details.

I’m so excited to bring the benefits of yoga and a healthy diet to you!