Satya – is being truthful

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The second YAMA from the eight limbs of yoga is Satya – truthfulness

When we were growing up our parents taught us Satya, to be truthful and not to lie, or deceive. So why do we deceive? When we know it’s fundamentally wrong why do we do it? Being truthful is just a polite way to live our lives in harmony with each other. But truthfulness can also mean being realistic, true to ourselves and others.

Have you ever said you liked something when you didn’t really so you didn’t hurt someone’s feelings – I can guarantee we have all done this. From time to time we might meet someone who is so brutally honest that they offend, we often call this ‘having no filter’ but are they the ones who are truly observing Satya, and being honest above all else?



I think it’s a fine line. By speaking the truth that is harmful to others we are not practicing Ahimsa, non harming….so each word must be carefully weighed before it is uttered. Finding a way to speak your truth without harming others. Ahimsa is the most important Yama, and we must follow this above all the others.

Being true to yourself is another matter – what does this mean? Some might call it ‘going with your gut’ I perceive this to be that deep down you know what is right for you and what is not. Removing things from your life that ‘no longer serve you’ be that people, jobs, feelings, emotions or attachments.

We have to be honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with others. Only when we live with complete transparency can we really truly feel true to ourselves, and on the path to ‘Santosha’ or contentment and inner peace.

So – embrace yourself for who you are, don’t change yourself to please others, at the same time show respect to yourself and you will gain respect from others. And remember, always think about what you say and do before you say and do it as harming others through your words and actions goes against the first and most important Yama, Ahimsa.

Om Shanti!