Setting Intentions

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Ever been in a yoga class and the teacher asks you to ‘use this time to set an intention’ for the class?

I’m not a big fan of it as I think it puts people on the spot ‘oh shit, what can I set? stretching my forward folds a bit further, trying balance without wobble, wait no, they are all physical maybe I should try to connect with my breath or to turn my brain off and focus on the breathing, oh shit, we’ve moved on, I’m not even on all fours cat – cowing because I’ve spent so long thinking of my intention and I still haven’t got one – arrgggh, ok my intention is to get through the class in one piece!!!!’
And so it goes (or maybe that’s just how my monkey mind works!!)


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But how about you set some intentions BEFORE you get to class, or maybe you are setting an intention that when you’ve finished reading this post you will actually SIGN UP FOR THAT CLASS…you see, intentions are a bit like resolutions, but you need to make them achievable, and to do this it helps if you think about what you really want to get from them. Then you can set them, stick to them, and feel a sense of achievement from them.

It really doesn’t matter what they are – just make them an achievable action. So you may want to eat more of a healthy diet (ah, HELLO noprochallenge) or exercise more, or see more of your friends, or see less of your friends and spend some more time alone, or be able to save up to go on a holiday/retreat/travel the world….



I truly believe that setting intentions can help you achieve your goals in life. Just don’t ask me to do it at the start of a class (ps we do not do this in Ashtanga – it’s opening prayer and then straight into it!)

I’m setting intentions to:

Go with the flow…let the universe decide!
In this time of transition in my life, where am I going in life next? try not to stress about it, and just see how things unfold….

Don’t dwell on the could woulda shoulda…it’s all about the present. Even if your are not feeling blissfully happy right now, nothing is permanent so don’t worry, take each moment as it comes and know that everything will pass.

Be happy with what you have – feeling contentment, but more importantly try to think positively on what you have RIGHT NOW and not what you don’t – of course this doesn’t mean give up your drive and motivation to make yourself better – but chill, you’re doing the best you can right now, it’s all part of the journey!


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Sometimes we need to set some intentions to help us through this crazy trip we call life!