The Mountains are calling…..and I must go

Mountains, Carpathians, Snow, Transylvania, Romania, Brasov, Snowboarding, North Face

*John Muir


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This quote was on the label of my new duffel bag, and I found this very apt for my last few days in the UK before I head off for a new adventure in the mountains…

Do I have wanderlust forever now? Will I always be a nomad?
After two and a half months of living back at home in the UK I found what I was looking for, and that was a full-time job overseas again!

England, my England, I did try to stay with you, but it seems my wandering soul is not yet ready to settle back down, there are so many more adventures out there for me to take, so many experiences waiting to happen and so many more people yet to meet! and of course, to those people I meet I will be sharing my true love and passion for Yoga and the Yogic lifestyle.


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And so to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania I go, deep in the heart of Transylvania lies a beautiful little retreat called ‘Akasha’ offering stunning views and stylish interiors, Akasha provides its guests with a change to experience a R.E/Treat programme, a relaxing and energising treat. There, high in the mountains above the daily city life they practice a simple philosophy inspired by nature, clean eating, relaxation, spirituality & a balanced healthy mind healthy body lifestyle.


Akasha Retreat, Pestera, Transylvania, Romania


They also state that:



Read more about the retreat, and to book yourself on one (mention me and you will get a free massage treatment) :

I am beyond excited to be travelling over next week to meet the owners, other teachers and of course all the lovely guests. I’m intrigued to experience Romania, a beautiful, rarely trodden gem in Eastern Europe and see what it has to offer.

So, reader, If you are reading this as you’ve got the wanderlust, or just ‘wander curious’ all I can say is – once you have a taste of it it’s a hard habit to kick!

And I love every minute of it!

The duffel bag that prompted this post can be bought here

Mountains, Carpathians, Snow, Transylvania, Romania, Brasov, Snowboarding, North Face

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  1. Have a brilliant time enjoy your new adventure Claire.Such a lot to see do&met in the world,Go for it have fun met like minded people.looking forward to photos &hearing about it.Safe travels love&best wishes Ange XX🌍👍🏂😘ps hope heel OK now from when I saw you.Have good journey tomrw XX

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