Terrific Turmeric – not just for dyeing everything yellow

Turmeric, that stuff that makes rice and curries, fingers and dish cloths yellow.

If you didn’t already know this is one of nature’s best natural anti-inflammatory ‘drugs’ or, herbs that heal.


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photo courtesy of authoritynutrition.com


Turmeric can help fight diseases, from arthritis to cancer, yep it’s pretty damn amazing stuff.

Some of the benefits include:

Anti-inflammatory (so works like a ibuprofen)

Boosts your immune system (goodbye January blues colds and sniffles)

Lowers cholesterol (goodbye post-Christmas over indulgence)

Natural antiseptic (can be rubbed directly onto wounds)

Impressive no?

For the last couple of days I’ve been warding off a cold by drinking Turmeric Tea (which I usually drink to help with my knee injury recovery).

It’s so easy to make! –  whilst in India I took an Ayurvedic ‘Herbs that Heal’ course and the recipe they used, which I now use, is thus:

photo credit: theheartysoul.com


Measure out how many cups of water you are making into a saucepan

Add a thumb sized piece of FRESH TURMERIC (you can use powder but the taste is so much better with fresh, I bought my last batch from Wholefoods) 

Thumb sized piece of FRESH GINGER

Throw in a couple of black peppercorns (helps the turmeric absorb quicker) 

Boil that lot up

Once boiled, strain (through a tea strainer or sieve) into your drinking vessel of choice

Add some fresh lemon, sliced and juice

Add a teaspoon of honey if you like it sweeter


Feel good


Really, give it a try, it is wonderful and I only had that to drink yesterday, no pharmaceutical drugs and my cold was so much better after a couple of large glasses full!